Chastity Belts For All

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This is a fanfic about Contract with Succubus and Have Your Way!! | 淫魔と契約してヤリたい放題!! a story by kawahagitei It had a lovely idea that got my imagination running wild with various ways it could go so I decided to make a short story based on them, it doesn't really go into detail about various things and probably reads more like just a summary of some story. Feel free to improve it however you want.

Summary of kawahagitei's story

Guy gets magical powers from a succubus that include an ability to not be seen while having sex and linking pussies together so he can fuck multiple people at a time. He fucks bunch of girls without really hiding his actions in any way and manages to make a student council president suspicious of him, in order to shut her up he wants to fuck her during a meeting where she's about to mention her suspicions but when he starts to assault her and let's everyone present know that the invisible rapist is present he notices that she's wearing an chastity belt and despite being able to use his powers to bypass or open it he decides to give up right away and leaves leading to the student council president to the conclusion that the chastity belt worked to drive him off and so she orders one for all students and gathers them all to announce her findings before the story reaches it conclusion. For my story we'll pretend he didn't reveal that the chastity belts are useless before anyone else even wore them.


After the chastity belts had been distributed to everyone some girls refused to wear them so you focused on raping them until everyone started wearing them and with a little help from you it became officially part of the dresscode. Students without one would be punished and with the excuse that checking if they were worn could be troubling otherwise the belts were equipped with electronic usage trackers that allowed you to find and rape any girls that didn't wear them all the time leading to various announcements and posters reminding the girls to not take them off under any circumstances, even if it was to have sex with someone else, surely their would be partners could wait until the rapist was somehow dealt with.

With everyone starting to properly keep wearing the belts you started to steal keys to them or simply breaking the locks in order to get the belts upgraded to a type that couldn't be removed so easily, and so first a type that required the user to squeeze and react to movements of the included small sensor dildo in a certain pattern to unlock was introduced but due to unintended unlockings happening when stimulated in other ways eventually the sensor size was increased and an electronic lock was added that in addittion to sensor dildo and a normal key required electronic authorization to remove meaning unless they filed a form requesting to not wear it for a period of time none of the girls could remove their chastity belts while the sensor dildos meant that you could replace them with your dick whenever you wanted without it being seen as nothing but part of the daily maintenance and performance check. Eventually every girl in the school was pregnant with the blame for that being put on not deploying and developing the chastity belts early enough. With abortion being illegal and the belts preventing most improvised methods there wasn't much the girls could do to avoid giving birth and in part to encourage everyone to keep quiet about the whole thing the school promised to cover any expenses pregnancy gave them.

But keeping quiet about everything became a lot harder when you began to attack girls from other schools. Soon chastity belts were distributed to all nearby schools with the pattern of you raping any who weren't quick or smart enough to start using them repeating but with a lot more supposedly safe students so for the time being you started to travel to random schools of every education level across the country until it finally became national news and after a bunch of discussion and moral panicking all schools made wearing the belts mandatory with the fact that students shouldn't be having sex anyway silencing most complaints while the various attempts to catch you started to escalate but still remained unsuccesful.

With nearly all girls wearing them and the national attention the fact that some girls became pregnant despite seemingly never being attacked by you became known leading to variouss investigations of how that could happen until you "accidentally" revealed that you sometimes injected your sperm directly in to the womb with a syringe leading to belts that also fully covered the stomach area but after cases of you sometimes ripping the cover away it was deemed that creating a nearly unbreakable stomach cover would too inconvenient to actually use so instead the belts were equipped with a spermicide container that would regularly shoot some of it into the womb.

After a while of only successful attacks or pregnancies seemingly being the result of the girl (sometimes even intentionally) not properly maintaining their chastity belt(electronic lock failing due to not charging it's battery and not replacing spermicide containers being the most common causes) and you never targeting clearly older targets the case of the supernatural rapist was deemed to be finally mostly dealt with and old news though there was still a group of investigators trying to catch you. And so wearing a chastity belt was set to become a normal part of every girls life that they would wear until they graduated from university, they were starting to even become a part of fashion with various ways to decorate them and even different models with varying designs were being produced leading to various tests and standards that ensured the belts still should work as intended being developed.

But at the time no one had realized that you had secretly broken into the spermicide production facility and replaced all of the spermicide with a mixture that included your cum and substances that kept the sperm alive for a long time meaning that it was only a matter of time until all fertile girls became pregnant with your children...

Eventually your identity was figured out but not before you had moved onto another country and started to maintain your invisibility constantly despite how troublesome that was. And despite you clearly no longer being a danger the chastity belts were still being worn since they did prevent most sexual crimes from happening and many companies dealing with products related to them lobbied against removing them not to mention that no one really wanted to be the first to stop wearing them early since the idea of not wearing one as a student had become same as telling everyone that they wanted to get raped and the few requests sent to the unlocking service that by then was used only for either medical reasons or to change model were simply refused for lacking a proper reason.

As for what happened with all of your children taking care of them became a national issue with new laws to support single mothers being passed. And with all the attention the children got for simply being your children they started to band together and eventually the idea that they shouldn't be ashamed of having such a father but be proud of how amazing you were spread among them eventually leading to public opinion of you changing from a terrible rapist to an amazing man who brought about many valuable changes to the society. Some even idolized you enough to try to secretly get their sperm inside girls wombs but security of spermicide production facility had become so tight that it was hopeless to do anything weird there but on the other hand replacing an already delivered dose with sperm was a lot easier to do so there were still many cases of fatherless children being born and when the idea of stopping spermicide use was brought up cases of people secretly using syringes to insert sperm were used to repeal the idea.

As your world tour continued eventually the chastity belts spread everywhere and after a few hundred years despite various attempts to avoid inbreeding every living human was your direct descendant in some way.