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This is a story I have been working on for as long as I have been a member of ATF. I originally meant it to be an interactive story in the flavor of 2 Taboo 4 You, but after running it on the forum for a while with a format of accepting votes every time I write an entry, I have become kind of partial to that system. Yes, I could switch to a fully choose-your-path style now that I have access to the proper tools, but this would result in the story progressing FAR more slowly and I think everyone probably wants to see what we can make happen by now.

(I might make a fully interactive version some time later, but that has yet to be seen.)

EDIT: Since the decision to move the stories 100% over to this format has been scrapped in favor of bringing back the forums site with this existing along side it, I will be moving the forward progress of this story back to the forum as well. (link here: I am not presently planning to continue the transfer of the story to this site (Unless I happen to get really bored one day,) but if anyone would like to volunteer to assist then they may feel free to contact me.

For now though, Let's get the story started.

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