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I have written some rules for possible contributors, but I haven't decided yet when - if ever - I want to open this story or not, so I will refrain posting them for time being and keep the story temporarily Closed. The rules need a lot of fleshing out anyway, especially as far as lore and "Formatting rules" are considered. Basically, I've got a lot of work to do before I can Open this. If there is anyone even remotely interested, let me know, and I'll try to push the rules out as quickly* as possible. Be warned though; it will be a long ass list, and it might even scare you away.

*"Quickly" might take anywhere from few days to few weeks depending on how much rl work I have

This story began as a sort of world building experiment for me. I've always wanted to create a grand universe of my own that is not only easy to expand if needed, but can fit inside a lot of different stories, kind of like Middle Earth, Azeroth, Tamriel, or if you want to an example from another genre, Marvel Universe. It could save me time because I would have to worry a lot less about creating new magic systems and settings. This story - which may become a collection of stories in the future - is my first, and perhaps the only attempt at this.

This story will probably take backseat for my other projects, and only serve as an idea bank for future, or as something I can fall back to while I'm too demotivated to write another 100 000 words to a novel that only appeals to a very narrow group of people, and weirdoes such as myself. That's not to say that I won't work on this, because I certainly will. This just won't be very high on my list of priorities, at least for now.

I've decided to post a list of "guidelines" that are not really rules per se, but rather describe the "feeling" that I intent to convey through this story. Do not mistake them for rules you are forced to follow.

  1. Do not take this story too seriously.
  2. This story takes place in a fantasy world. Historical accuracy be damned.
  3. Try not to trick the reader into anything. Touchy stuff should be at very least hinted at, or be behind obvious choices, so the readers know what they're getting into. And while we're on that specific topic…
  4. If there are various options that have different "Risk levels" attached to them, you can - but don't have to - signal this to the readers and help them avoid or choose situations where rape, confinement, violence, injuries and other hardships may be involved.
    • Risk level: NO RISK INVOLVED - Nothing bad will happen.
    • Risk level: LOW - Something bad is unlikely to happen.
    • Risk level: MODERATE - 50/50 chance of something bad happening.
    • Risk level: HIGH - Something bad is likely to happen.
    • Risk level: ABSURD - Now you're just asking for it.
  5. Bad ends, death of played character and permanent loss of powers are not encouraged. If Dione get captured by her enemies and becomes their sex slave, this should not be the end of her journey but rather a chance for some extra spicy content. The only situations where these kinds of "ends" can be acceptable are when the player has an option to get out of said situation just as easily as it is to fall to the said pit.
  6. As a writer you can take the role of third person narrator - like I sometimes do - but this narrator should never be able to interact with any of the characters, or be part of the actual story.
  7. Interactions between played characters don't have to be 100% consistent with each other across different played characters and timelines. Atlas, as a played character, may choose to have Dione suck his dick, but Dione does not need to have this as a choice in the same/similar situation, should she be the played character instead. I encourage different content, different possibilities and different choices for different played characters.
  8. Please don't make characters invincible or overpowered. Strong characters should always have restrictions on their abilities, a significant weakness, or at very least an Achilles' heel.
  9. Short entries are fine, but avoid one sentence/paragraph entries. Preferably write at least few paragraphs, even if they're short ones.
  10. At the same time, try to keep entries bite-sized. I don't want to set a limit, but with every thousand words you add to the page, the likelihood for the page being too long increases drastically. 5000 is probably too much for one page on this story format; 10000 is definitely too much.
  11. Finally, this story may be eternal in theory, but always write with a goal or an end in mind. All the characters in this story are like real people in the sense that they have goals they want to achieve in life. Letting them reach those goals is important.