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Here, in this world, we view divinity in the same regard as wealth; it is a privilege limited to a select few. Some are born into it, while others work hard for it. Likewise, the inept and the unfortunate may lose it, should they not be careful. With it comes great power, and with great power, great responsibility. It opens doors and opportunities unavailable for common men and women. It commands respect, and garners jealousy. It can even ruin lives, driving some to madness. It can be used for many things, both good and evil. Most choose to use it for their personal gains and goals. Some even use it for pleasure. To put it simply, divinity is something that can in theory be used to achieve almost anything in life.

You, for one reason or another, either are divine, or are going to be divine somewhere in the future. What this means for you and how you're going to use your powers still remains to be seen, but it goes without saying that you are someone planning to use your powers for your own personal good and gains. Hey, not saying there's anything wrong with it, because we all do that, but let's not be humble about it or beat around the bush. Everyone has goals in life, and all of us dream of many things, both big and small. Through divinity, you want to make your dreams reality.

I've got only one question to ask. Who are you, and where are you from?

Maybe you've got some questions about divinity and this world. I'm happy to answer.