A Whole New World

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In this world, there is an open sexual liberation that happened many many years ago. As such a lot of the current laws that we have in our world don't exist here. There is no real age of consent in this world, there is also acceptance of public nudity as well as sex acts in public. Incest is something that isn't just allowed but many families use it as a way to teach their children all about sex and sexual wellbeing. This seems to have a positive effect on the world with crime rates lower and people generally looking out for each other on the most people. Many programms on TV are basically porn tv shows now, while some don't have any sexual content, most do. Pornstars are just seen as normal actors in this world and are as much celebrities as the actors in our world. To view this world, we will focus on one family with the surname of Summers.

Male Family Members:

Females Family Members:

Other people in this world: Edit to add new people to be in this world