A New Life

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Story Description

A newborn child has many advantages, they can become anyone or anything, so long as they're raised properly that is. They have the unlimited potential to change themselves, to change people, even change the world around them.

In a small village, in the far east of Equestria, lies a small village known as Heaven's Rock. It is a rather secluded place, with few roads leading in and out, a vast sea to their backs, and a rather quiet populace of a little under a hundred individuals. One day, bundled up in a small basket that washed ashore was a newborn child - and a human boy at that. Being so far prevents a safe trip to deliver the child to any proper authorities, so the child is taken in by a widow and raised as her own, and treated like a member of the village.

As he grows, he'll find there is much to enjoy about the land of Equestria and beyond.

Story Information

A New Life is a traditional story authored entirely by Darkside, it is a crossover fanfiction with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, with elements from other franchises that will be trickled in over time.

Things that will appear in the chapters will be listed above the story content as a warning if you're not into that particular fetish, such as lolicon, violence, drugs, etc.

Do enjoy.