A Little Conversation at the End

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Jake and Mike are two Neighbors sitting on Jake's front porch drinking beers three days after the coming of Rapture. The world has gone to Hell and only the wicked remain. What types of antics could they get into. There are no laws, there are no rules in this world except what the characters make for themselves. Also the rules of the universe have gone out the window, so the fantastical (Dragons, demons magic, aliens) is perfectly acceptable. so go crazy and have fun.

Anything goes except the following

Snuff (The killing of partners after/during sex) Vore Water Sports/Scat Farting obsession Gender bending Futanari Described killing of minors (implied or off camera is okay if it progresses the story) Growth Shrinking Male/Male No killing off the main character, you can kill off one but not both, the story must continue with Jake or Mike.

Everything else is allowed. Remember this is an after Rapture story so no one is an innocent, everyone is among the wicked. If a minor is in the story there is a reason they were left behind. I am not saying no one is naive or sexually innocent but everyone has something extremely bad they are guilty of.

I reserve the right to change, alter or delete additions I do not like and to add to the banned content list.

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