A Great New World

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Story Info: This interactive story will follow a normal man, named Connor, who ignores a large part of himself because society views it as wrong. The man lives a normal life with his family, until something unbelievable happens. Join Connor to find out what happens to him and his family. And choose where this new exciting life takes them!


Chapter One

Connor couldn't see anything but darkness. Moments later, a soft, very tight, hot, pulsating pressure engulfs his cock. Then, the source of the incredible pleasure started moving up and down. Connor knew he was having sex with someone, but didn't know who. Why does this keep happening to me? Connor thought as his hose started to fill with man juice. As the sexual pleasure continued, Connor felt like he would blow any second. Just before a powerful ejaculation, Connor's eyes flew open. The dark brown haired man looked around his bedroom frantically. Fully awake and pumped with adrenaline, Connor only calmed down after seeing his wife, Sarah, sound asleep next to him. Only when he was calm did he notice that he had a raging hard-on, and was covered in sweat.

What's going to happen?

I have to fuck something! Wake Sarah and make a move.

I should let Sarah sleep. Ignore the painful rod of steel and take a shower before heading down stairs.